IMG_1316I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Point Blue Conservation Science where am collaborating with the Penguin Science team to study Adélie Penguin ecology in the Ross Sea. I’m interested in a variety of questions about how seabirds respond to a changes in their physical environment and what these responses can tell us about the health of the marine ecosystem. I photograph anything and everything and I sometimes write a blog.



Adélie Penguins and climate change

My current research focuses on understanding how nesting habitat characteristics affect the breeding success and recruitment of Adélie Penguins at the scale of colonies, patches within a colony, and individual nests. I’m also investigating the effects of climate change on Adélie Penguin nesting habitat and how individuals respond differently to these changes.



California seabirds and climate change

My previous work focused on understanding how physical oceanographic conditions affect seabird demography and population dynamics on the Farallon Islands in California. Specifically, I investigated how Brandt’s Cormorant and Cassin’s Auklet responses to ocean conditions have changed over time.